Lunch in the clouds and elephant kisses

After the weekend at tutu’s, it was a relaxing 25 minute flight home to swim in the annual labor day Waikiki Roughwater swim. It was hard, I was slow, but still glowing from the weekend so ended happy:


After the swim, it was a relaxing 25 hour travel day to Bangkok, to hear this:


Dad’s a chemical oceanographer so I only understood about 30% of the talk, but my take-aways were that polonium can poison you and may be the reason cigarettes kill people. He’s got a solid PR team.

From there it was palaces, monks, spicy lunches in huts in the clouds, hiking in the highest thai rainforest, and 35m swimming pools (hard interval math!) bookended by goddess statutes:









And then, in Chiang Mai, Pap tricked me into “taking a picture with the nice elephant”:



Elephant kisses are 100% as alarming as they sound (think hairy, scratchy, warm, wet, all complemented by a unique, lingering aroma only an elephant can love), but you can’t stay mad at them long when they break out their paint brushes:


Thai people are some of the kindest in the world. My dear friend Pap not only took us up and over mountains to show us the beauty of his country, but woke up hours before sunrise to make sure I could run in places where I would not get flattened by tuk-tuks on the narrow dark roads, or bitten by one of Thailand’s 50 species of venomous snakes, or both. I arrived home safely last week to a thank you card from tutu, and with a new appreciation for elephants, Pap, my healthy and adventurous parents, and with a solid dose of heat training (100 zillion degrees and humid). And polonium.


4 thoughts on “Lunch in the clouds and elephant kisses

  1. Wow! How wonderful, and for the record, WRS faster than me! Mahalo for sharing such a beautiful part of your life!

  2. Enjoyed your blog post Kimi! Very nice! from a 25 min. plane ride to a 25 hr. one! loved it…. sarah

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